the top 5 sound-files releases:
sf#12: doc mccoy - "inside view"
11 minimal techno tracks. funky, minimal, strange, fast, essential, danceable, sexy
cdr - mp3
sf#9: andreas korte - "pathfinder"
8 mars-related tracks for an exhibition in Emmerich
cdr - mp3
sf#11: andreas korte - "van horn summersessions"
9 sessions, partly piano pieces, experimental loopings, released for the van horn project space in duesseldorf, sounds like august 04
cdr - mp3
sf#7: lebensform - "restraum"
quite hard deephouse-tracks, without compromises, just like the year 03
cdr - mp3
sf#15: pupils of psyche - "inevitable"
cdr with
11 housetracks, funky drums and basslines, combined with deep and dark atmospheres.
cdr - mp3