sound-files currently features the following projects:

dj korte: minimal conceptual electronica - releases

elektrohorror: a truly frightening experience - coming soon

soll: a must for all friends of minimal sounds - release

d´cornelius: singer and songwriter, travelling between the continents - release

ettlinger: independent electronic producer since the mid 80s - release

kurt schneider: experimental noises from munich - release

bert (birdy) - oldschool electronica from cologne - releases

laeufer: electronica with a male singer - release

lebensform: hard minimal detroit techno - releases

twenty-six: old school electro - release

doc mccoy
: ultra-minimal funk - release

und/oder: experimental soundscapes, radical looping - release

pupils of psyche - funky discohouse - release

mr.tornhill - instrumental hiphop - release